The M.A.C. We've Been Waiting For....

Oh yes, here it is. Smoke Signals. The collection fully dedicated to the ultra fabulous smoky eye and nude lip. This is a look that isn't for the faint of heart. It's a timeless look, so you need these colors!!! I'm actually stressing that you purchase these collections. Here's the rundown.

The Gentle Fume Eyes (pictured left) includes Rondelle (a matte light silver with white pearl), Carbon ( a matte intense black), Gentle Fume (a velvet cool midtone grey with silver sparkle) and Waft (a matte deep blue grey). The Smoking Eyes (pictured right) quad includes Next to Nothing (a frosty creamy white with pink pearl), Smoking (a velvet black with gold), Showstopper (a matte light muted grey) and Satin Taupe (a frost taupe brown with silvery bronze shimmer). Good Lord, thank you!!! These are EXCELLENT investments, and I promise you that you will run back to these quads time and time again! Even the Ablaze blush is a gorgeous raisin-ish blush, described as a deep dirty coraly rose. Absolutely gorgeous on Caramel and Brown skin. On to the pigments, Smoke Signal pigment is the ultimate sista friendly Fall color. It will be on my eyes, lips and cheeks for sure! It's so deep and mysterious, to sexy for words.

Let's get on to the nude lip. Each of these colors is a winner. Every lipstick and every lipglass is wearable for us!!! All you need is the right lip liner (80%, Velvetella, etc.) and you are set to go. Two of the 'glass (Illicit and Bare Truth) are creamy soft browns, perfect to throw on and go. There is also Bazaarish, the deep burgundy that needs to be in every sista's handbag. Lastly, pick up a Soft & Slow, the creamy pink that works with virtually any liner.

Next up, there's Blue Storm. I'll be buying all of these too. In this collection, there is Blue Storm (a frosty cool royal blue with blue and silver pearl), Stormwatch (a matte deep teal), Thunder (a frosty rich blue with purple pearl), Cumulus (a frosty creamy gray with silver pearl), and Cloudburst (a velvet black with blue pearl). These are colors that have punch and much color definition, so wear them over a creamy base, like a Cream Color Base (which should be placed over a paint, to keep it from creasing). The colors are sure to pop this way!!! Also, the Kohl Power pencils are undeniably the most intense liners to date. All four of them are must haves. The glosses for this collection might be the most unique I have seen in awhile. Lull (pink lilac), Atmospheric (rich grape) and Lightning (whitish silver) are equally as beautiful, and none of them should be left in the counters.

Ladies and Gents, I can't stress the importance of these two collections. I gasped over and over again as I swatched the colors onto my hand. Do not miss out on these collections! By doubles of the items if you can, I surely intend to. Just think about how many smoky eyes you can get out of these! When they are all sold out and you didn't get them, don't say I didn't warn you!! If you don't know how to do a smoky eye, ask for ideas! Feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment in the thread, whichever makes you the most comfortable. Also, feel free to ask a makeup artist in the store. After they show you the deal, buy what you want (which will be everything)!!!