The Beyonce Experience Tour

If you didn't get tickets yet, get them NOW. Sasha tore. it. up. The energy that she brought was impeccable. I won't ruin anything for you, but I will tell you that if I didn't go, I would have missed the best concert of my life. She has an all girl band, some serious dancers and a routine that will have you rockin'! She gained respect from a lot of haters last night, because they couldn't neglect the talent that was in front of them on stage. I must say, when it was time for "Ring the Alarm", we were nervous...but once she successfully made it down the steps, there was a roar of applause!

On a makeup note, she must have been in some serious theater makeup because that stuff didn't budge. She had buckets of sweat dripping from her forehead, neck, and every other sweat gland of the body, but that warpaint stayed in place! I can bet you that it wasn't L'Oreal...

I adore Robin Thicke, and he did an excellent job as well. He only had a large backdrop of his album cover, and no props or anything. I guess he has to work his way up to that. He needed a more intimate setting though, not a huge arena. Oh well, I loved him anyway.

So I am telling you right now, make a sacrifice and go see Sasha and Robin Thicke. It was money well spent, and I will always love Bey for her standout performance! Go to the mall (or your closet), pick out your freekum dress and your best Beyonce imitation lace front, and get to the show!!!

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