The 7 Random Facts

My girl over at Yummy411 has tagged me! So, I'm gonna have to give you a taste of me, EJB!

1. I love beauty more than life itself, it's my creative force and my desire, but I only wear makeup two-three days a week.

2. I watch Sex and the City like it's my job. I can quote any episode, recognize any scene by the character's outfit, all that. I secretly think I am Carrie Bradshaw, minus the smoking and the clothes budget.

3.Speaking of dressing fabulous, I love fashion...but I have no clue how to dress myself. I will watch 40 fashion shows during fashion week, but when I am at a store, I can never figure out what I should buy. I am more likely to buy an outfit or a piece of an outfit if I see it already paired up.

4.My favorite play is The Crucible and my favorite musical is The Wiz.

5.I cry every time I get my brows waxed.

6. Micheal DeLorenzo, aka Eddie Torres on New York Undercover was my first crush. As a matter of fact, I still watch the show on TVOne just to stare at him!

7. I cannot successfully study without having a drink from Starbucks beforehand.

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