Billy B., NYC and The Makeup Show

Hello Darlings!

I hope you had a dazzling weekend, I sure did. Mommy and I stayed at the uber fabulous W hotel-The Court on 39th and Lexington. If you think of the NY lounge scene; dim, sexy and sophisticated...that was the theme of the hotel. I was blown away at how hot I felt in there. The whole place just makes you want to get in a cab, buy a HOT outfit at Bergdorf's, go back to The Court, put on your ensemble (don't forget hair and makeup), then go back down to The Wet Bar by the lobby, then off to a trendy NYC club. That's the best way I can describe it! Plus, on the taxi ride home Saturday night, we found a Starbuckshalf a block away. Needless to say, I went there at least 4 times.

Billy B. What more can I say? The master class that I took with him was incredibly informative. I watched him take a model (a brown girl, yaaaaaaay!) and transform her into a bombshell. He contoured and highlighted to the fifth power, and she was bad. If I had that makeup on, and I was out and about, you couldn't tell me nothin'! He used Face Atelier foundation because it gave the skin a super moist, healthy look, MAC Studio Fix to highlight and contour, and Makeup Forever Star Powder for that fabulous sheen we see in all of his work. Yes, I said powder. The sheen is just an illusion! He also launched a set of makeup brushes that are too good to be true. I am definitely buying the entire set! They are short handled, and each is designed with Billy's perfection in mind. As far as me doing the makeup on my model, that was a whole different story. We couldn't see eye to eye, so I ended up doing my mommy instead! Here's some eye candy. Didn't we all ADORE this picture of her?!?! You guessed it, that's Billy's masterpiece!

You would never believe how totally shocked I was that my all time favorite pictures of MJB and Miss B.Knowles were crafted by Billy B.! I swear, when I first saw the pics, I ripped them out of the magazines and put them on my wall. That's how I knew I had to take the hike to NYC to take the class with him. Which pictures am I talking about?

Yup...he's The Truth!

There were vendors everywhere, from airbrush makeup, makeup brush companies, makeup schools, beauty product companies, extreme name it, they had it. It was refreshing to meet the owners of companies and to see them invest in the lines that they created. I got great responses from them, so hopefully I'll have some extra juicy reviews for you! Stay tuned! This post is just beginning...

Here's a list of all the vendors at The Makeup Show, Just a preview of what I have in store for you. Pay close attention to Ramy, Mess and Three Custom Color, you'll be hearing about them soon!

(Pics of Lauryn, Mary and B courtesy of Billy B. Beauty