Becca, we've neglected you!

I'm a girl who loves sparkle. If I have makeup on, there must be shimmer somewhere. I think this one might be my new fave!

Becca Fiesta Bronzing Dust in Tango is the most exciting all-over shimmer powder I have ever played with. There are a thousand shimmer powders out there, but this is the first that doesn't vanish or end up looking ashy. On brown skin, it stays a dark bronzy eye-catching chocolatey gold. It's great as a highlight under the eye, on the lid, around the eye, mixed in your lipgloss, or on the body. If I am going to the club or have an exciting evening, I'd mix a tiny bit of it into my moisturizer. FAB.

By the way, I adore Becca. It's one of those beauty lines that I could just sit in Sephora and play with all day. They have very high quality products, and they are very well aware that there are more than 3 or 4 shades of brown skin. They have 30 shades of foundation. That is insane (I mean that in a GREAT way). The American companies can't get it right...but the Aussie's know the deal!

I also played with the Brazilian Bronzing Creme in Samba. Sephora says "This sheer bronze glossing creme for face, eyes and lips is suitable for all complexions and is 100% orange-free." It is basically "dewy skin" in a jar. It wasn't necessarily bronze on my skin because it's brown and so am I. Nonetheless, my cheeks were glowing! I'd wear it right over my bronzer or blush.

More Becca reviews to follow! Check out Becca at or at Sephora!

All pictures courtesy of Sephora