My Nars Adventure!

You know what I wonder? Why is it that we go to the mall when we know we are part of Kanyee’s fraternity Broke Phi Broke? We “browse” or “window shop”. That’s all BS. Today I was wasting time and happened to glance at the Nars counter display in Neiman Marcus (Tyson's Corner, VA). All of a sudden, a bubbly makeup artist asked me if I needed any help. Her name is Kerry McAlpine, a Nars artist of 4 years. She really knows her stuff y’all. This delightful lock’ed beauty took advantage of my Neiman’s charge! She made everything dazzle, so I ended up with five items. Here is the run down of what I bought…

Cream Eye Shadow Duo in Pink Panther, which is a golden pink and soft silver set, perfect for lids, cheeks and lips, in my opinion. I would have to wear it over my MAC Paint of course. It's the only way that my cream shadows don't crease. Well, the paint is the only way my cream and powder shadows now that I think about it.

Exhibit A Blush is the cheek color that has Women of Color in a tizzy! It's a matte burnt orange that wakes up cheeks no matter what complexion you are. It only takes the slightest bit on your blush brush to make a statement. Just to let you know, you will need Taj Mahal too. You can't have one and not the other! Yes, they are both orange, but look NOTHING like each other.

Lip Gloss in Boogie Nights, which they describe as a metallic raspberry. Excellent description. Fiya! (That's how my girl Kishelle from the Virgin Islands says "Fire!") It's the PERFECT gloss to wear all alone for a berry lip, or over a vivacious hot pink lipstick like Funny Face and a deep burgundy liner. Ugh, it's too hot for words. Seriously. The gloss is so rich and isn't sticky or tacky at all. It feels like nothing on my lips!

Lip Laquer in Capucine is that soft shimmery golden tangerine that goes with everything. You can throw it on with green shadow, blue liner or nothing at all. It'll be perfect. I'm telling is our color!

Blush in Albatross is described as "sheer light golden sheen". Now let me explain how much Kerry stressed the importance of this color. She put it on me and my hand maybe 4 times. But when she put it on herself, right along the top of her cheekbone to the outer part of her eye, my mouth dropped. It was so soft and added such a monumental highlight. It was a definite show stopper. Her whole face had this glow, it brought attention to every part of the face that it touched. I'll be using it as a face highlight, and will dab a bit of it over any shadow that I wear for that pop. It's effective yet subtle enough to wear everyday.

My haul is absolutely amazing. I have always loved Nars, and it's one of my favorite beauty lines. The colors are pigmented beyond belief. I just love it, I re-discover more and more everytime I go!

Kerry McAlpine was SO helpful, she opened my eyes to products I would have otherwise overlooked. She really, really knows her stuff. Feel free to contact her at Give her some information about your complexion and the look that you want, and after she recommends some products to you, you can order them and she can send them to you from Neiman's! If you would like her store number and extension shoot me(or better yet, her) an e-mail!

Part 2 of my Nars Adventure continues tomorrow when I review all of the other colors and hot combinations that she suggested to me!!! You won't want to miss it!

All swatches courtesy of Nars at Sephora