Celebrity Makeup Artists: Scott Barnes and Mally Roncal

Do you remember how fabulous J.Lo used to look?? The whole Glow. I mean her body dazzled. Her skin was FABULOUS. That was when Scott Barnes was her makeup artist. Apparently he ran his mouth too much (I need to work on this myself) and got fired. But he premiered him makeup line never the less. Everything about the line screams hollywood sophistication and class...And I don't know about you, but I am a sucker for sleek packaging. The Beauty Bento Box looks intriguing, a little bit of everything is always a good buy. The Lash Varnish...what a clever name for mascare. Lip Slick? Doesn't it just sound like your lips will be to die for? Check out all of his products at Scottbarnes.com


Let's not forget Mally, the stunning beauty who is always spotted with a huge grin on her face and a brush to Beyonce's temple. Although her line looks a little more fun and girly (really, like for a 13 year old), I'm sure it delivers a great finish. She has a ton of products out, I was shocked to see all of those items to choose from. The smokey eye kit looks like a great part of her collection, one for every female's night-look checklist. Check out her line of cosmetics on QVC.com

Barnes pictures courtesy of Newyorkmetro.com, Mally pictures courtesy of qvc.com and alluringlooks.com