OT:Sex and The City

I love this show. Seriously! I bust out my DVD's all the time, I watch these episodes like the show is brand new! Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, why did you have to go?! What is it about the show that we love to much?? These girls are hilarious! Remember the episode when Miranda finds "skidmarks" in Steve's boxers? or the party during Fleet Week?? How about when Carrie got drunk at Vouge? Memories, memories. Who can pass up the FASHION?!?! I have wanted the Gucci belt bag ever since, and I will be buying that bad boy. Every time I see a pair of Manolos at my local Neiman's, I have to try on a pair, just to see if they are really as hot as Carrie says. And they really are. Makes me wanna hop on the Greyhound and cruise into Port Authority Bus Terminal! Maybe I'm biased, NYC is my dream home away from home.

What's your favorite episode?? Leave a comment!

Picture courtesy of http://frweb.cs.uni-sb.de/~fries/Sex%20and%20the%20city.jpg