MAC Fix+

Wondering what the heck this stuff is? This is the updated list...

Where do I begin?? First, Fix+ is basically caffeine for your skin. It wakes your skin up and prepares it for the day.

At one of my MAC classes, the MA told us that many models, including Tyra Banks, sprays this on her face right before she gets off the plane to "freshen up".
Most times I spray it on my face before I apply my moisturizer.

Next, when you apply your foundation, especially powder, it makes your skin look fresh and perfect, not dry and powdery. No one ever knows when I wear Studio Fix b/c I mist with Fix+.

Also, when using studio tech, I apply my tech to the foundation brush, then spritz fix+ over it and apply it to my skin. This gives a PHENOMONAL coverage. It's to die for.

Next, I apply it on my brush prior to putting my eyeshadow on because I swear it makes the color twice as intense.

Also, when turning a eyeshadow into an eyeliner, it makes the color look like a real eyeliner. This works great with sparkle as well, the sparkle stays on your face.

When your face is completely finished, spray with fix+ (about 5-6 inches away from your face) and all of your makeup is set!!!

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