Keracare Curling Wax

I hate putting heat on my hair, but thats how it goes when your hair is super short. The previous three times that I have flat ironed my hair, my tresses felt dry and brittle afterward. Each unsuccessful attempt lead me to add more leave in conditioner, oil or hair spray the next go round. I heard alot about Dudleys Creme Press, so I decided I would purchase some from my Dudley rep. I went to Church, looked around for a new style as I always do, and then realized how busted my hair really was. After service, I sped over to my local Beauty Supply Store and went straight to the Dudley section. I debated, and then saw my old faithful Keracare. They have never failed me before, right? I washed my hair, deep conditioned and then wrapped it. After I completely let it dry, I put the curling wax on my strands section by section. Each part came out gorgeous, perfectly straight and silky. I almost looked as if I just came back from the salon. It even worked great to keep my spikes sky high. Before your next adventure with heat, check out this FANTASTIC product. I will use this stuff for the rest of my short hair days.

I highly recommend you order online at Irby's They have outstanding prices! $8.99 for 4oz and $11.99 for 14 oz.