Makeup Artist Dee Dee Kelly

Let me unformaly introduce you to Dee Dee Kelly. When I was about 17 years old, I became more and more into MAC Cosmetics. One day, I walk into Nordstrom and see this tall woman with shoulder length, perfectly trimmed hair, and about 8 eye shadows EXPERTLY applied to her eyes. Y'all, this lady can wear electric eel better than Mr. MAC himself. I was stunned. I used to bring my girls to the counter and say, "see, that's the one I was telling you about!!!" When I started to work with her, I was too nervous to talk to her. Here I am two years later, working two counters away from her. Just a few days ago, I heard that she would leave retail and do freelance only. It doesn't matter, because she is that good. I checked out her online portfolio,and yes it's wonderful, but until you see the makeup in person, you'll never know how CRAZY good this woman is.

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