Danessa Myricks

The first time that I heard of Danessa, I was looking through a Black hair magazine at my hair shop. My stylist, Veronica Scales, told me that she does most of the photo shoots for her models, and that she is at lots of the hair shows that she participates in. Then, when I went to my first hair show as a makeup artist, I saw her and her assistants and their fortress (aka their makeup table and tons of luggage full of makeup). I was stunned. As I looked through my train case, I felt so minute. Those girls were bad. So, I picked up my ego and marched over there. She had some flyers on the table, and it said that she offered makeup classes. Yep, I signed up as soon as we arrived back in Maryland. It was an extremely entertaining and educational experience. I bought a ton of step by step videos, brushes, foundations, everything. I still have my kit of makeup stores, tips, application techniques, everything. Take a day or two off, go to NYC and learn some things!!! I highly recommend it.

Check out her website at www.imakeyoubeautiful.com