Washing My Brushes

How do you wash your brushes?

I own MAC brush cleaner, I use this in between washing. I just put it into a spray bottle (actually, it's my old Smashbox brush cleaner bottle) and spray it directly onto the brush, let it sit for a few seconds, then repeatedly swipe the brush on a tissue or paper towel until its clean.

Once a week, I wash the brushes in some dollar store baby shampoo, it's not great but it gets the job done.

Once a month, or if I have done two or more clients in a day, I wash my brushes in dishwashing liquid. I take a few drops, put it in a bowl, run warm water into the bowl until its nice and sudsy, then let my brushes soak for about ten minutes. I then go ahead and clean each one individually until all the soap is free from each brush. This cleans the brushes very thoroughly, but don't do it often because the soap is strong, especially for all natural brushes.